Currently at Usabilla, previously at Cozy and Daylight Studio. I'm a web developer who's addicted to functional-programming, test driven development, my greyhound Django, my wife Keven, and fries with mayo.

Moving On: What I learned at Cozy

Today is my last day at Cozy. 😢  My wife and I are flying to the Netherlands to start a new adventure close to my Dutch family. I started at Cozy in January 2014 as a front-end engineer. I have an agency background, and after spending several years working on client websites, I was excited to have a chance to do something different — to work on one product with a cool team.

Why I love test-first TDD

Twelve months ago I had hardly written a single test. After some encouragement and guidance on how to write tests my world changed. Yes, there’s lots of evidence that says writing tests reduces bug density (which is awesome), but that alone isn’t necessarily going to persuade you to take the time to do them. What made me adopt a workflow where I write tests first? The fact that I enjoyed it!

Lodash, Knockout, and functional programming

Lodash and functional programming offers some wonderful ways to make code cleaner and more readable. But they don’t always play nice if you happen to use Knockout observables. I’m going to introduce a way to make handling observables in functional style easier.

Professional Resolutions

I’ve never been big on New Years resolutions. I’ve always leaned towards a ’let my yes be yes, and let my no be no’ mindset, and I’ve never been confident in my ability to keep a resolution so making them just seemed disingenuous for me. But this year I feel different about it. Perhaps it’s due to hitting the big 3-0. So here’s what I’d like to focus on this year:

Using local environment (ENV) variables.

Often enough you’ll need to reference sensitive credentials in your project, or give an easy way for people using your project to change environment relative information in your project. Normally it’s not ideal to commit sensitive information to a public repository. Neither is it ideal to commit code which only works for your setup. Enter ‘Environment Variables’.

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